Idea Factory

Dear Interns, please feel free to Associate with us

Decide on Your Career

JOB (a Fitting Career) is what YOU should have after you complete your Studies.

You should sit with your Mentor and Parents and Plan your Career. It should FIT to your Academic and Qualitative Abilities and in-born Talents. Please decide

  • The Industry You would work-in

  •  The Department and

  • The City/Country that you would settle your Career and Life in

  • Communicative English and E Mail proficiency is a MUST please remember.

Our Thoughts on Academics-Industry Connect

We have and will continue to have MANY propositions which will enable you to connect to Senior Management of Industries of Your Choice. Please discuss with us for details.

Our Thoughts on Useful Student Mentoring

We are for Mentoring Students on Academics and Behavioural Aspects.

  • Our First postulate is that “Learning is better done through Doing”.

  • We know, your College and your personal self; take care of Academics.

  • You have Many Soft-Skill Qualitative Aspects here on which you can do Internships.

Together, you can fare well in Personal and Professional credentials.

Importance of Doing Many Internships & Project Works

YOU should “pin-down” your “JOB Interview Questions” to areas which you know and you can answer. If you possess 4 or 5 Assignment Papers (Dissertation Reports) which are “Core Interests of Industries”, we are sure, much of Interview Questions will fall in them and you would surely fare well also. Your performance in Interviews will be good.

“Qualitative Management Areas” are important in this. Many IDEAS are in our Website and you can work on them (or related areas which you would decide). We will guide you.

Added to this will be your Curriculum Project Reports.

YOU can Join Us

If you have any Trend Setting Idea, please send us details. We will try to see HOW we can reach it to our readers.

To Industry Chieftains and Mentors

We can post your “Vacancies” in our Website. Please send us your “Internship and JOB Openings”. Please also send us your “R & D and Research Requirements”.

Meritorious Students Deserve Appreciation from Industry. We request Industries with Academic concerns to “issue Appreciation Letters” to Talented Students.

POOR Students struggle to pay their Fees. Please consider this also.

Mentors are Welcome.

Importance of a “catchy CV”

YOU should have a “catchy, truth-filled and presentable CV”. The CV should mention your Academic, Qualitative, Internship, Project-Report, Family Details and at least 3 References. You should be able to express HOW you are different to others and WHY the Company should hire you. Please contact, we will be of assistance.

YOU should Highlight Your Internship and Project Report areas in your CV.

The first-impression of the reader should fall on you – and it happens through having a Good CV. Have a different CV and live what you say in your CV.

On our Fees

We don’t intend to Demand a “specific Fees” for our Services. You are requested to consider our “usefulness to you and others” and contribute your share. Payment details are given in our Website.


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